Testimonials (Some of our Successful Clinical Cases)


“The results are wonderful and I could not ask for anything more. Within the 1st-3rd month, I started feeling better.”

Rita H.      Business Owner


“After 8 yrs of trying, using IVF and conventional medicine with no hope, we tried Homeopathy. We are expecting a girl in July. We truly believe that natural medicine was the safest and healthiest way to achieve our pregnancy.”

Middle Eastern Family

High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

“I saw results immediately and the treatments made a difference. My blood pressure is going down and my diabetes is under control.”

Kevin F.      General Manager for GM Plant (USA)

Male Health Problems

“For so many years, I was having low sex drive problems and low sperm count. After using Homeopathic Medicine, my performance improved, and on my last test, I had normal sperm count. Guys….take my advice, go and see Dr. Alhendy today, let him put a smile back on your face!!”

Tony V.      BMW (Canada) Sales General Manager

Anxiety & Depression

“For many years I suffered from anxiety & depression. My life was a nightmare, but now I am enjoying my life to the fullest. I have a great career and I am much happier being around my family. Thank you Dr. Alhendy, you’re the best Doctor!!”

Sandy W.      General Branch Manager at Royal Bank

ASTHMA & Coughing

“Tom is no longer on medications and he is sleeping a lot better. He is much more energetic, optimistic and happier…”

My baby Tom has been sick since October 2004. He suffered from chronic asthma (almost bronchitis) and wheezing. He was moody and sleeping poorly. I couldn’t leave the house and I couldn’t go to church because his immunity was so bad that he would catch anything.

Tom saw an asthma specialist who prescribed the drug medications Albuterol and Pulmicort (a steroid). He was also on antibiotics for 3 months and had to be treated for his breathing every 4 hours. I was frustrated with the doctors and it seemed that the medications were making him worse. I was discouraged and not satisfied because the medical doctors were not treating the problem – only treating the symptoms. They were just keeping it under control and the doctors told me that there was no cure. They were not dealing with it right, and I didn’t want Tom to be hurt in the long run.

On February 22, 2005, I went to the Natural Medicine Center as referred to by a friend. I was hesitant and skeptical at first but I wanted to get Tom’s asthma under control without medications. I thought that nothing was going to work since the drug medications didn’t. Dr. Alhendy prescribed Tom Homeopathic Medicine along with herbal medicine, which relaxed him and made him less moody.

The improvements were a natural progression. Little by little, Tom’s asthma attacks became less frequent and not as strong until they completely stopped. Tom is no longer on drug medications and he is sleeping a lot better. He is much more energetic, optimistic and happy. He can play with friends, and we can do things now without him getting sick. We are very thrilled about the results and excited that he is doing better.

The Staff at the Natural Medicine Center is pleasant and peaceful, and the medical Staff is energetic and optimistic. We are confident to refer friends and other children with asthma to the clinic and share with them Tom’s testimony.

Marry J. (Tom’s mother)


“As a result of the treatments, I have no more kidney stones, confirmed by my ultrasound on June 20, 2005.”

Bill W.      Retail General Manager

Female Health Problems


“From the first treatment on, I have not had migraine headaches. The headaches stopped right away. After the 1st month, the menstrual cramps were 80% lighter. I am happier now and I feel much better.”

Angela J.      Sales Rep. for Bell Canada

Weight Loss!

“for many years I tried different weight loss clinics and different diets….I would lose the weight and gain it right back after I stop with the program….until I met Dr. Alhendy. His weight loss program is totally unique and easy to follow. Not only that, he also treated my Thyroid disorder and since then I lost 50lbs and never gained the weight after.

This was the only clinic who addressed the cause of my weight gain and treated it along with giving me a personalized and easy diet I can follow and make it part of my busy life.”

Samantha H.      Operations Manager at Canadian Tires

Energy Enhancement

“for many years I was having problems with my energy level…..tired almost the whole day, can’t really focus on my work…going to the Gym was a big challenge!

I am very thankful to Dr. Alhendy for helping me in this issue. After I started with his Energy Enhancement program, I started to gain my energy and focus at work….now a days, going to the gym is a great enjoyment for me. I could not do it without the help of Dr. Alhendy!”

Dr. Kevin G.      Professor at U of T.
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