Stress Management Program

Stress Management ProgramNatural Medication and Stress Management Program:

There are different types of stress and different factors that might cause stress. At the end of the day if your stress is not addressed and treated properly, then eventually you will become more depressed and anxious until your body will crash altogether!

Dr. Alhendy can NOT change your work or lifestyle, but he can help you by teaching how to read the signs your body sends, when it is under stress. He can also help your body to cope with stress. He will prescribe you 100% natural medications that will boost your energy and immune system.

His Stress Management Program will address the following:

  • Stress factors related to work, and will help your body to cope with that stress Vs. crashing!
  • Stress factors related to seasonal changes, such as winter time.
  • Signs of chronic depression and anxiety, and will provide 100% natural, safe and effective medications that will replace the conventional medications with their side effects!

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