Distance Treatment

Distance Treatment

Dr. Alhendy’s Treatment without Borders – At One’s Fingertips

Distance Treatment — Homeopathic Services Offered Worldwide by Phone!

Natural Medicine Center is the only North American clinic that provides patients with an opportunity to receive treatment from anywhere in the world. The distance treatment option provides a convenient, professional and efficient health care service to compliment any busy schedule.

Dr. Alhendy offers his services to patients worldwide, and has been doing so for many years. Dr. Alhendy has treated patients from countries including the United States, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and France. Dr. Alhendy also welcomes all new patients.

How Does the Distance Treatment Plan work?

  • Patient will call or email clinic to schedule an appointment.
  • After scheduling an appointment, the consultation will take place over the phone or via Skype.
  • We will analyze the patient’s case and create an individualized treatment plan.
  • We will courier or mail the individualized treatment plan and medications to the patient’s home.
  • Medications will be sent out on a monthly basis, or as needed.
  • We will also provide unlimited follow-up appointments via phone or via Skype.
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